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The server consists of an AMD Duron 800 processor in an Abit KT-7 mainboard and a couple IBM IDE hard drives. It has a RealTek-8019-PCI network card for connecting to the local coax bus and a Compex RE100TX/WOL 100MBit-nic which connects it to the diskless client. The server sports 256 MB of PC-133 SDRAM. Graphics card used is an Elsa Erazor X. There was no noticable decrease in game speed in RTCW-test, Counterstrike or Quake3Arena when the client hosted a game for 8 players and the game was played on the server.

The client has a Gainward graphics adapter built around the Nvidia-TNT2-M64 chip. That is plugged into an FIC SD-11 mainboard, which hosts an original Athlon-500 and a 3com 3c905C-TX-M nic. It has 64 MB of SDRAM (PC-100 ?).

The two boxes are connected with a 2m crosslink cable.